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Our Services

The needs of each family differ; only at the highest levels can one family be compared to another.  We take pride in listening to stories of how your family’s wealth has grown and your family’s goals for that wealth.  For some families, we are filling a gap.  For others, we serve as the primary “quarterback” of family professionals who are necessary to a smoothly operating wealth management microcosm.  Our services extend from back-office bill-pay to meetings with family members and their core advisors.  Family meetings may be one-on-one, across multiple generations, or among family lines.  We work with families who continue to own operating businesses, as well as those who have disposed of all or some portion of their business, and with executives who do not have time to manage their family’s wealth and lifestyle needs.

Holistic Wealth Management

Stevard provides investment advisory services to families. This includes the formulation of a diversified investment portfolio as part of a comprehensive wealth management strategy and involves recommendations of investments in independent investment managers and/or independently managed investment products.

We understand that investing resides within a holistic wealth management strategy and a broader family context that is informed by family values, tax, spending, investment experience, risk management, and opportunity. These values inform our work.

As part of its plan to create customized, diversified investment portfolios, Stevard identifies and recommends independent investment managers and investment products in a range of asset classes. It monitors each of the recommended investments, including each investment’s asset class and exposure, and periodically recommends rebalancing and new investments as your circumstances change and/or market events dictate. Stevard works with trustees, other professional staff and you to design custom performance measurement systems that accomplish performance reporting, portfolio evaluation, and investment administration.

Family Office Services

Services may also include, counsel and assistance in obtaining life, disability, and other forms of insurance, coordination of information and documents with your tax preparer, recommendations to lawyers and other professional specialists, and coordination of the efforts of all professional advisors which you currently use.

Stevard also offers the following services through its Family Office:

  • Financial record-keeping and customized reports

  • Determination of Insurance adequacy

  • Asset Aggregations & Reporting 

  • Philanthropic Planning

  • Forecasting and Budgeting

  • Financial Management of Real Estate properties

  • Cash Management

  • Tax Compliance, Reporting & Preparation

  • Estate Planning

  • Financial Education

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